We're Always En'ROLL'ing!

Dear Rolly Pollies Families,
In light of the recent news and events, we have made the difficult decision to close for classes and open play from Monday, March 16th through Sunday, March 31st. We will be contacting you this week if you have a birthday party scheduled on Saturday the 21st and Sunday the 22nd so we can either reopen for your event, or reschedule for you. Closing our doors is a hardship for our Roll Models and our small family-owned business but we feel it is the right decision. As we continue to review all guidelines and recommendations put forth by the Department of Health and the Centers for Disease Control we plan to update you accordingly and communicate to you how we will proceed to serve the families of the Lowcountry in the coming weeks.

Winter 2 Classes

January 20 – March 20


Spring Classes

March 23 – June 1
No classes April 13-17 Spring Break, May 25 Memorial Day


Unlimited Summer Classes

June 15 – August 14
*Note: Summer Class Schedule will change to accommodate all the fantastic camps we offer! 



Our Youngest Gymbugs!

$90 for 9 weeks  
 (Parent-Child Class) 6 months to pre-walkers 
Our Gymbugs™ begin their journey here: crawling, sliding, hanging, swinging and tumbling all for the very first time! Safely explore your child’s natural abilities, assisting and encouraging them as they grow and develop right in front of your eyes! When little ones start walking you’ll easily transition into our walking to 23 month old Bumblebees class!  45-minute class
Tuesday: 12:30 – 1:15 PM


Our Newest Walkers!

$160 for 9 weeks  
(Parent-Child Class) Walking to 23 months
The journey continues as our Gymbugs™ develop their gross motor skills. Social interaction is emphasized and encouraged along with climbing, singing, dancing and moving with each other, making friends and incorporating physical activity into their lives. 45-minute class.
Monday: 9:15 – 10:00 AM combo
Tuesday: 10:15 – 11:00 AM
Thursday: 5:30-6:15 PM combo
(Combo = Bumblebees & Butterflies)



Our New Runners n’ Tumblers!

$160 for 9 weeks  
(Parent-Child Class) 2 Years Old 
Motor skills continue to develop rapidly as our Gymbugs™ participate in more advanced skills. Through singing, dancing, gymnastics and reaching beyond self perceived limits your child will begin to build the confidence they will need as they grow! 45-minute class.
Monday: 9:15 – 10:00 AM combo
Tuesday: 9:15 – 10:00 AM
Wednesday: 10:15 – 11:00 AM
Thursday: 5:30-6:15 PM combo
*(combo: Bumblebees & Butterflies)

Rolly Pollies Summerville

Beetles 3-K Gymnastics

True Tumblers!

$160 for 9 weeks  
(Parent-Child Class) – 3 Years Old 
Our Gymbugs™ will build upon the skills learned in our younger classes while now learning to follow directions on their own. More difficult gymnastics and obstacle courses will continue to challenge your child’s physical awareness, strength, flexibility and confidence! 45-minute class.                                               
Monday: 5:00 – 5:45 PM combo
Thursday: 9:15 – 10:00 AM 
Friday: 10:15-11:00 AM combo
(combo = Beetles & Grasshoppers)


Grasshoppers 4-K Gymnastics

No More Monkeying Around!

$160 for 9 weeks  
(Parent Optional) – 4 Years Old 
Our Gymbugs™ are now skilled tumblers, climbers and swingers!! More difficult gymnastics and movement activities are now in place, focusing on improving physical awareness, strength, flexibility and confidence!
45-minute class.
Monday: 5:00 – 5:45 PM combo
Friday: 10:15-11:00 AM combo
For more options consider Ninja’s
*(combo = Beetles & Grasshoppers)
$170 for 9 weeks/60 min. class Age 5-10
This program offers leveled gymnastics for children 5 and older. Students will learn more complex maneuvers on the floor, beam, and bars. Experience is not required for beginners but teacher approval is required for our intermediate levels. 
Tuesday: 5:00 – 6:00 beginners
Tuesday: 6:30 – 7:30 intermediate
Thursday: 6:30 – 7:30 combined levels


$160 for 9 weeks  
4 1/2  to 8 Years

Students who desire a workout that is more fun than work will love this class! Students will learn to jump, tuck and roll safely in high impact, physically challenging courses that change weekly. Strength, agility and endurance will increase and so will their confidence!

Monday: 6:15-7:00 PM

Preschool Ages 3-5

$200 / month for 3’s preschool
$280 / month for 4’s preschool
Our specially designed preschool play based program is rooted in the belief that learning through doing is fundamental for young children and movement is essential to learning. This program runs September through May. Visit our preschool page for more information or call to register.
Tuesday & Thursdays: 8:30 – 12:00 (3’s)
Monday/Wednesday/Friday: 8:30-12:00 (4’s)

About Rolly Pollies

Rolly Pollies® was formed with one goal in mind: to create an unforgettable experience! Offering dynamic, fun-filled programs for kids 6 months through 10 years in a safe, nurturing and stimulating environment. Centered around age-specific weekly classes, our curriculum based programs will maximize your child’s physical, intellectual, emotional and social growth. Their self-esteem and confidence will soar as they meet and exceed goals and challenges specifically designed just for them. Join us today and start “playing with a purpose!”

Customer Reviews

“The whole family LOVES this place! always something fun going on and the kids enjoy exercising because they make it so much fun!” C. Godin

It AMAZES us how far our daughter has come this year since starting this program. Not only is Braylee learning a hands on approach to gymnastics, but she has learned a lot of other things as well. “Mara”(Tamara) has been a God sent. We LOVE her. We look forward to our family night on a weekly basis at Rolly Pollies. We drive a hour to this location because it is the perfect fit for our family. Thanks for EVERYTHING!!!”        T. Varnadoe

“The teachers are top notch, and they have a tremendous amount of energy and knowledge about various developmental stages. We really love that the gym provides a safe environment for our children to explore, play and continue to learn, not to mention all the time we get to spend with our children during the parent child classes. The Parents Night Out are really convenient as well!” J. Walden

“My daughter is involved in the 2 year olds class and is loving it!! The staff is amazing!!!! I have seen a lot of growth socially in my daughter since the beginning of her program!” J. Witten

“My daughter is excited to hear that we are going to Rolly Pollies. The team is very professional and creative. It is an excellent place to stimulate and develop the gross motor of each child. We will definitely continue attending. Excellent work!” K. Jaen

“Very good place for toddlers to build their muscle movement, hand eye coordination and balance. The classes are fun and not to long either. I’ve had my son enrolled here since he turned 1. He’s almost 3 now and still loves it! Great staff as well.” J. Baker