Fun Rainy Day Activities for Kids

Fun Rainy Day Activities for Kids

Rainy days can be tough with the kids. Being cooped up inside the house all day always ends in a huge mess or hearing the phrase “I’m boooooooored,” over and over again. We feel your pain. Instead of trying to get your kids to calm down and sit still, we’ve put together some rainy day activities for the whole family to do, and still have fun (even while being stuck inside).

1. Make your own playdough.

Get the whole family together to follow this DIY playdough recipe. It requires a few household staples and doesn’t take long to make at all. Once it’s made, your kids have hours of fun ahead of them. Give them some kitchen utensils to help mold and shape the dough. You can play along with them, or take advantage of some “me time” while they’re busy with their playdough.

2. Have an indoor treasure hunt.

Make a set of clues for each player and seal them in numbered envelopes. Then, set them off to go figure out their clues, find the next one, until they’ve reached the treasure! The treasure can just be a small toy, treat, or allowance, and whoever finds it first is the winner!

3. Build a blanket fort.

This is one of the best child-approved rainy day activities. Who doesn’t love a blanket fort in their living room? Set up chairs, drape blankets over them, and turn on a movie or bring some books or other toys into the fort.

4. Bring out the board games.

Game nights are a lost art. Dig up those old board games and have a family game day. Switch up the games so the kids don’t get bored, make some game snacks, and have a day of fun with your family. This will also give you a chance to learn who the most competitive family members are.

5. Head to an indoor gym.

Just because it’s raining doesn’t mean you have to stay cooped up in your house all day. Pack the kids up and head to an indoor gym so that they can get their energy out and go wild in a place that is not your home. Rolly Pollies offers various Open Gym times so that you can bring the family in and enjoy some peace and quiet while your children play.

Don’t let the rain spoil your fun. Come on in for a day full of family fun.

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