Things to Look For in a Preschool

Things to Look For in a Preschool

Picking out a good preschool for your child requires asking a variety of questions, especially ones that are very specific. The parents can be overwhelmed because they want their child to be in great hands since it is the beginning of their education. Therefore, it is advantageous for the parents to know what to look for when starting to search for a preschool several months before, so that they feel confident in their choice.

Nevertheless, here are some things to look for while selecting a preschool for your child.

1. A Good Reputation

Firstly, it is important to visit the preschool before sending your child there. By getting a good look for yourself, it will be more beneficial for your first impression when witnessing a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Meeting with teachers and the head of the preschool will allow you to see if it has a fostering environment and challenging curriculum. Also, it is favorable to ask the school for some references of current parents who send their kids there. These third-person experiences and opinions should assist your decision, but definitely not control or spoil your perception.

2. A Stimulating Curriculum

At their age, preschoolers are not ready for a strict academic program. However, the best preschools do have well-designed curriculums that both motivate your kid to learn and try new things to engage them in fun physical and social activities. Whether it is physical activity outside, quiet time, arts and crafts, individual activities, or snack time, the curriculum should entail some sort of wide variety of these activities. Nevertheless, there are some preschools that have educational philosophies. However, it is not critical to just choose one without a philosophy that still encourages intellectual development and individuality and creativity in your child.

3. Classroom Environment

The environment in a preschool classroom is important. The layout of the classroom may not be something you would think to consider, but there are a couple of specific things to look for. Preschool classrooms should have low shelves with storage that can be safely secured, an open floor plan, and a bathroom that is within view of the teacher. Cubbies, tables and chairs should all be low to the ground. 

4. Quality of Teaching

To an outsider, preschool looks like a bunch of kids playing. However, a good teacher has reasons behind each activity that the kids participate in and where the activities are located. Toys and materials should be easily accessible so that when a child wants something, they know where to look and they get it themselves instead of asking a teacher for it. This teaches problem solving and independent thinking. Even simple activities should have an educational purpose. For example, building blocks teach spatial reasoning and basic physics. It is also important that preschoolers are able to choose their own activities or have their own way of doing a certain activity. Good teachers will know that preschoolers have a very short attention span, so allowing them to choose their own activities often helps them stay interested and involved for a longer period of time.

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