Which Summer Camp is Perfect for Your Child?

Which Summer Camp is Perfect for Your Child?

This summer, we’re offering a variety of different week-long summer camps for you and your child to choose from. From Olympic Games to Super Hero Camp, there is something for every child. (And you can always enroll your kids into more than one if they simply can’t make up their minds!) Can’t decide which camp would be best for your child? Here’s a quick guide to help you figure it out.

June 6-10: Summer Olympic Games

A week full of games like archery, volleyball, canoeing, diving, and more! There will be games, arts and crafts, friendly competition, and more! If your child loves to be active and has a competitive edge, this camp will be perfect!

June 13-17: Beach Games

Beach-themed fun and games, rain or shine. This week will be filled with activities like beach volleyball, relay races, musical towels, and water games! Does your child love all things water? This is the camp for them!

June 20-24: Gymbugs Circus Days

Would your child love to join the circus? This week, we’ll learn to walk the tightrope, swing on a trapeze, juggle like a pro, and do some clowning around. If you have a creative child who loves to use their imagination, they can be anything they want! A circus strongman, or even a lion jumping through a hoop of fire!

June 27-July 1: Red, White, Blue and You!

This camp is perfect for the athletic kids who love to be active and participate in sports games. We’ll celebrate the USA in style, with basketball, volleyball, soccer, tennis, swim, and gymnastics. In addition, there will be lots of red, white, and blue crafts this week.

July 4-8: Campground & Nature Fun!

Does your child love the great outdoors and exploring nature? This week is all about camping. We’ll learn how to pitch a tent, build a fire, catch a fish, and play some awesome campground games!

July 11-15: The Water Games

Rolly Pollies may not have a pool, but we have a foam pit! Time to swim the foam pit, play a game of water polo (on land), and synchronize your run! Does your child love water games? This is the perfect camp for them!

July 18-22: Gymnastic Ninjas

This week, we’re learning the basics of gymnastics! We’ll maneuver through challenging courses, balance on beams, swing on bars, and gaining the athletic skills of a ninja! If your child’s biggest wish is to become a ninja, then this is their camp.

<>July 25-29: Super Hero Camp

Do you have a creative child who has always wanted to be a superhero? Then they will love this camp. Your child will design their perfect superhero costume, fine tune their superpowers, and participate in both physical and creative challenges to save the world!

Aug 1-5: Mad Science

Does your child love to experiment? This week is all about scientific exploration. We’ll learn about plant science, chemical reactions, and the power of electricity! There will still be lots of gym time to get the kids active, but this is the perfect camp for any science-oriented child!

Of course every single week of the summer camp will be filled with fun, laughter, and friends. Can’t decide which camp your child would love most? Prices depend on how many days your child attends, and they can even come to every single week of the camp! Sign up today!

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