The Importance of Exercise for Your Kids

The Importance of Exercise for Your Kids

As adults, exercise tends to make us think of rigorous gym workouts or runs on the treadmill, but kids have a very different system. Play, tag, tossing a ball, or any physical activity that they already enjoy doing is the perfect way for kids to get exercise. There are so many benefits of children getting exercise, which is why this should be a main priority in your child’s daily activities.

Exercise improves your child’s physical health.

When your child participates in physical activities, a lot is going on in his/her body. Muscles get stronger, their blood pressure lowers, and their immune system strengthens. But that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

  • Your child’s heart strengthens. The heart is a muscle, so just like any other muscle in your arms or legs, it also gets stronger with exercise. This decreases the chances that your child will have heart troubles down the road.
  • Your child develops a stronger bone and muscle structure.
  • Your child is less likely to become overweight and have severe health issues later on in life.
  • Your child’s immune system strengthens and he/she is less likely to catch colds, allergies, and other diseases.
  • Your child’s reflexes and coordination will improve.

Exercise improves your child’s mental health.

Not only does exercise aid in improving your child’s physical well-being, but it helps with his/her brain, too.

  • Your child is less likely to suffer from anxiety, depression, or other mental illnesses.
  • Your child’s sleep is improved.
  • Your child’s energy levels will increase.
  • Your child will be able to concentrate better in school.

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